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With Mother Nature as copilot to help tap the senses and elicit responses, Marianne pursues her art of photography with a passion, focus and dedication to capturing that special, elusive moment perfectly.  “Nothing compares with witnessing a child’s wonderful range of new emotions and feelings,” she says.  “With children, truth and beauty are ever-present. You just need to frame and expose for it correctly,” she adds.

As a professional photographer, Marianne became recognized for her style and found success shooting weddings.  Her career unexpectedly evolved when these clients contacted her to photograph their newborns.  Since then, with an expanding client list, her service description grew to include providing photography for all the important and memorable moments and events in one’s life.  

As a mom of two young boys, Marianne taps into a deeper love and understanding of family life.  She offers her unique style of using available light to create spontaneous images that capture the sheer joy of the moment and specialness of your child.


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